Buyer recourse for returning termites?

What to expect when issue arises 12 years after purchase

DEAR BARRY: When I bought my home 12 years ago, the seller disclosed that she had no knowledge of any termites. Last week, I discovered evidence of termites, so I called a pest inspector and he found plugged holes in the slab floor where termicide was injected years ago. This means that the former owner lied on her disclosure statement. What can I do to hold her liable for the cost of exterminating the termites that are now in my home? –Julianna

DEAR JULIANNA: There is no way to have recourse after 12 years, even if the disclosure statement was less than honest. The seller, in fact, may have been totally honest in her disclosures, believing that the termites at that time had been eliminated by the termicide that was injected through the slab.