7 life transitions families should financially prepare for

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Book ReviewTitle: "The M Word: The Money Talk Every Family Needs to Have About Wealth and Their Financial Future"Author: Lori SacklerPublisher: McGraw-Hill Professional, 2013; 224 pages; $30 Whether (or not) and how we talk with our families about money is telling. It shows how we think, feel, act and engage with money matters, and whether we see money as good, desirable and healthy (something necessary and abundant that requires some maintenance and tending) or view it as a necessary evil, the route of all evil, something dirty and undesirable (as in stinking, filthy rich). Some families avoid financial conversations out of the dread and fear that the mere planning for potential money transitions like divorce or death will make them happen. But in a highly predictable manifestation of the old self-help saying that "what we fear, we create," families that avoid talking about money often end up broken up -- and hard up, financially speaking -- when inevitable life c...