Guy Kawasaki on how real estate agents can dominate social media

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Psst: Hey champ, we're talking to you. Yeah, you. Listen, you want to knock every ball you swing at out of the park, right? Be faster and stronger? Earn more? Well, it's time to start juicing. Everybody's doing it. Don't worry, we'll show you how. This all sounds so illicit, we know. But we're not talking about the kind of juice that got A-Rod suspended for 211 games and has probably kept Barry Bonds out of the Baseball Hall of Fame for good. We're talking about the kind that turns a top-performing agent into an industry mogul. We're talking about effective social media. With all the buzz surrounding social media marketing, it's not surprising that in its 2015 Emerging Trends In Real Estate report, the Urban Land Institute (ULI) touted social media use as the golden ticket for agents looking to gain an edge. "... Real estate companies that can harness the power of social media to manage and market property will gain enormous advantage over laggards in this arena," wrote the...