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Crowdsourcing platform for New York investors takes bite out of Big Apple’s complex real estate deals aims to shatter investors’ barriers to entry in highly competitive market

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A group of seasoned property investors has launched a new real estate crowdfunding platform specifically aimed at giving accredited investors the opportunity to explore and invest exclusively in Manhattan real estate. Founded in October 2004, empowers investors to participate in a wide range of multimillion-dollar debt and equity deals, including multifamily homes, as well as hospitality, commercial and industrial properties — all in New York City. “CityFunders fundamentally changes the way investors can participate in the nation’s, if not the world’s, most vibrant and profitable real estate market,” said David Behin, CEO and co-founder of the company. “Our platform streamlines investing in New York City real estate deals — the most complex in the United States — and shatters the barriers to entry for the retail investor.” CityFunders selects some of the Big Apple’s most promising debt and equity deals for potential investors, or the crow...