3 tips for de-stressing throughout the workday

An agitated agent rarely makes sound judgment

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Stress is a harsh reality of the real estate industry, but it's not unsurpassable. Letting your anger get the best of you could be detrimental to acquiring leads, signing deals, and retaining clients. Not to mention, it isn’t good for your health. Use these three basic techniques, both at work and at home, to ease your mind. 1. Fight sudden anger by shutting up. One of the worst ways to display your stress is by taking it out on a client or coworker. But when someone challenges you, the natural inclination is to let out built up frustration. If you’re seriously stressing mid-conversation and experiencing difficulty responding calmly, you need to take a few deep breaths. Yelling rarely solves issues and you'll look like a hot head. First, take a moment before you speak to avoid the always regretted knee-jerk reaction. Inhale deeply a few times (quietly, without being dramatic) to calm your heart rate. In a disagreement, the upper hand belongs to the one ...