Podcast: 10 strategies to stop toxic people from driving you nuts — Part 2

Keep your cool and refrain from burnout by following these tips

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  • Real estate is a stressful job that requires working with a variety of personality types.
  • This includes negative, pessimistic, “toxic” people.
  • You can’t eliminate toxic people entirely, but you can minimize your interactions with them.

Real estate is a stressful job, and it’ll eat you alive if you’re not prepared.

It requires working with people across a wide range of personality types, communication styles and perspectives. This diversity includes some wonderful, friendly and supportive people — but it also includes negative, pessimistic, “toxic” people. Yesterday, we started a detailed discussion of toxic people and how to avoid letting them drag you down into their drama and negativity.

You know a toxic person when you meet them — they’ll turn you off, drive you away and may even tempt you to try to “fix” their perspectives. That’s not your job, though — you’re an agent, and when it comes to toxic people, it’s best to avoid them — otherwise, you’ll risk burnout.

You can’t eliminate toxic people entirely, but you can minimize your interactions with them.

Why work with them at all? They’re leads, they’re clients, and they still deserve time, attention and care. But it doesn’t mean letting them get under your skin and driving you nuts.

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In today’s show, real estate coaches Tim and Julie Harris conclude a discussion of working with toxic people — and how to stop them from driving you completely bananas!


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