How autonomous cars could shift homebuying trends

We've longed for self-driving cars, and their takeover may not be far in the future

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Takeaways Having on-demand cars will decrease the need to have an ideal home location. People will have more disposable income because there will be no cost of buying and owning a car. The way cities work will fundamentally change. Can you imagine a time when you wake up in the morning and instead of drinking coffee, putting on makeup and reading the morning news at home, you do it in your car? Autonomous cars are expected to dominate the market in 10 years and turn commuting, lifestyles and spending habits upside-down. Some predict that autonomous cars will make traditional, self-driving cars illegal; others believe that the sheer desire to own, store and keep a car in running order will simply fade out. Either way, the next 10 to 20 years may look a lot different for not only car owners, but also for homeowners and real estate agents. It's all prediction and speculation. However, Zack Kanter, a researcher on the topic, believes that the future holds an incredibl...