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Echovate gives brokers crystal ball for hiring process

Web-based solution matches candidates to your company’s existing staff and culture

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Takeaways: Echovate helps smaller businesses identify the best personality fits for a position. Companies that deploy Echovate’s solution select from a monthly program ranging from $349 to $649, depending on how many locations the company has. A typical question may ask a respondent if he cleans his desk before he leaves work every day. If your company has ever suffered from a poor hiring decision, you know how much time, focus and function is lost to the hiring process. If you ever wanted a crystal ball to tell you which candidates would be not only the best fit for a position, but a good cultural fit for your company, a new startup company called Echovate may have a solution for you. Deriving its name from a blend of the word “echo,” meaning feedback, and the root word “vate,” which means to motivate, Echovate is helping companies navigate the tricky, time-consuming and sometimes expensive hiring process by helping to match companies and prospective employees....