(Not) any schlub can sell in a seller’s market

Realtors can not only navigate a seller's market, but also help nab top dollar.
  • Encourage home sellers to view the long-term goals when setting a price point
  • Even in a seller's market, a Realtor is a valuable asset to getting top dollar for a home
  • San Francisco market is expected to flatten out appreciation in the coming months

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I admit it. It’s not that hard to sell a home in today’s San Francisco real estate market, but I’m not saying that anyone can do it. As you know, real estate sales are complicated and full of risk and liability. Most homeowners are way too subjective or emotional to effectively market and sell a home themselves, ergo FSBOs are exceedingly rare in the more expensive markets like San Francisco. But, it does not take a genius real estate agent to get the job done under today’s hot market conditions. Valeri Potapova / Shutterstock.com It’s all about the benjamins So how do we convince people to hire (and pay for) an expert when selling a home in San Francisco? Why would they hire a realtor with years of experience prepping homes for sale and over a thousand successful negotiations when it’s a seller’s market and just about any newbie or part-timer can do it? While it's no secret that a home seller is going to get offers on their home, it's more about whether they wil...