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NAR’s new ad campaign urges young buyers to ‘Get Realtor’

Digital-first efforts focus on consumers’ hyperconnectivity and how Realtors can help them navigate the homebuying process
  • NAR launched a digital-first campaign with the tagline "Get Realtor" on Feb. 8 to modernize consumer perceptions of homebuying. Goodbye American dream, hello agent as a competitive ally.
  • A phone survey found that contacting a Realtor is an anxiety-driven experience for millennials, who NAR hopes to reach through this series of social media and radio marketing efforts.
  • The first iteration of the campaign targets buyers, but future components will focus on sellers.

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If you’ve been on Twitter this week, you may have noticed a new hashtag circulating through the real estate industry’s corner of the social media realm: #GetRealtor, the tagline that the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has chosen to move its brand forward in the rapidly changing modern age of homebuying. On Feb. 8, NAR officially dropped its “traditional” consumer advertising and marketing efforts -- both message and delivery method -- in favor of a digital-first campaign that capitalizes on tech-savvy consumers’ hyperconnectivity while focusing on the expertise and guidance a Realtor can provide to homebuyers, sellers, owners and investors. Where millennials get stuck For the last 17 years, NAR’s consumer marketing has focused on the message that homeownership is aspirational and a “dream” to be achieved, delivered primarily via radio and television ads. But after the association’s Consumer Communications Committee and its outside consultant, Arnol...