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Apartment List releases February Rent Report on NYC

NYC 2nd-most expensive city for renters

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Apartment List’s February 2016 New York City Rent Report is here, and the results remain pricey. With rents rising across the country, we took a look at some of the largest U.S. cities to see how they fare, and it’s no surprise that it takes deep pockets to rent in NYC.


NYC is the second most expensive city for renters in the U.S.

With median rent costing $4,500 for a two-bedroom and $3,380 for a one-bedroom, NYC is the second most expensive city in the United States. This places it closely behind San Francisco, which is the most expensive city for renters at $4,760 for a two-bedroom and $3,520 for a one-bedroom.

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NYC rents increased over the last year

NYC rents experienced a 0.7 percent increase in rent prices over the past year, which is a relatively small increase compared to other cities like Miami (3.9 percent), Atlanta (5.8 percent), and Los Angeles (6.7 percent). San Francisco (1.1 percent) and NYC, the most expensive cities for renters in the U.S., had some of the smallest rent growth in the country.


For full data and methodology, see Apartment List’s National Report.