Data encryption: A how-to guide for real estate professionals

Keep your clients' information safe
  • Real estate agents handle a lot of sensitive client information that needs to be protected.
  • Cyber attacks have been growing exponentially in the past few years including attacks on small businesses.
  • Encrypting data is one of the surest ways to mitigate the risk of your client information being breached.

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Real estate agents handle an array of highly sensitive client information -- including income tax returns, bank account data, social security numbers, salary information and more. A data breach not only threatens clients’ financial security, but it can also ruin a real estate professional’s reputation. Use data encryption technology, and take the precautions listed below to help secure sensitive information and strengthen your computer's defenses. Hacking is a threat The internet is filled with studies that confirm hacking is a significant and growing problem that affects our professional and personal devices. According to the Global Business Outlook Survey from Duke University and CFO Magazine, cyber security survey of U.S. businesses have been hacked. The rate goes up to 85 percent for companies that employ fewer than 1,000 people -- which applies to many real estate firms. A cyber security survey reveals that one in four people said they, or someone they ...