6 types of real estate consumers who could benefit from Opendoor

  • Of the valid reasons why Opendoor's model could benefit certain segments of the market, most boil down to one word: control.

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Good news for Zillow Group -- the industry has found a new scapegoat: Opendoor. Agents are spending so much time knocking this new model and berating anyone who may have considered the service. I am less concerned with the Opendoor model (and similar models by new competitors on the scene, like OfferPad) and more concerned with the short-sightedness of practitioners in our industry. It seems that the bulk of the real estate industry is not adapting well to the needs of the consumer, regardless of age. Not all consumers want or need someone to hold their hand. Though not exclusively, many of those consumer needs are tied to tech. Being able to post an exterior shot of your new listing to Instagram does not count as being up to speed. Believe it or not, it's not a millennial-specific issue; there are grandmas surfing the web. Effectively. If you are unable to come up with a reason that someone would choose to do business with Opendoor, other than "they're lazy," you mig...