How all-in-one tech can make every agent’s life easier (Yes, even yours!)

The HUB Pro helps you increase productivity while avoiding tech tool overload

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You’ve got accounts for all sorts of tech tools – many of which you’re paying for month after month – and half of them you barely remember your password.

The few you actually use require a high-wire juggling act to jump from one to another. Or worse yet, don’t integrate with each other at all.

As a result, your attempt to use tech to streamline your business is having the opposite effect, only making things more complicated. And your business isn’t benefiting from them either.

Sound familiar? I hear you.

Solving a longtime struggle with an all-in-one solution

Agents have been telling me about this struggle for as long as I can remember. So a couple of years ago, I began working with our development team to find a solution.

My vision was for an “all-in-one” tech tool to pull all essential agent tasks together into one place.

A centralized “hub” for your business, if you will.

And we did it! And when it came time to name it… well, it was a no-brainer.

Earlier this year, we introduced “The HUB,” an all-in-one tech solution providing all the powerful tools agents need to run a high-performance business. It includes everything from business planning and activity tracking to a custom CRM to a powerful referral network, training modules, revolutionary “video role plays” and more!

At first, The HUB was available only as an exclusive benefit to our coaching members.

Now we’re unlocking that door. It’s available to non-members, but more on that later.

Never again feel this agonizing pain

Is there anything more painful than letting a lead slip through the cracks?

You did the work, got the info… and forgot to follow up. D’oh!

The Tom Ferry CRM Powered by Contactually in The HUB eliminates this pain once and for all. You simply input contacts into the CRM and receive automated reminders to follow up at just the right time.

The Tom Ferry CRM also includes customized email templates for all sorts of different situations you encounter on a daily basis, meaning no more late nights wishing you knew exactly what to say to turn prospects into clients.

Mastering your sales scripts has never been easier

The only way to master your sales scripts is to practice them, and the more realistic you can make that practice, the quicker you can level up and start using them.

One of the most revolutionary features within The HUB makes that process easier than it’s ever been before. “Video Role Plays” enable you to connect with fellow HUB members live on video to role play your sales scripts together in real time. You see them, they see you, and both of you can provide constructive feedback to each other.

It’s truly a game changer and you’re going to love it. Here’s why: The more you master your scripts, the more confidence you’ll build to make your calls and book more appointments, and the more success you’ll achieve.

Everything you need in one place

The HUB also offers you the ability to:

  • Earn additional income through its built-in referral network (we take no cut, by the way)
  • Enhance your skills through “Sell Like a Rockstar” and “Marketing Spotlight” video interviews
  • Build your business plan and track the activities required to achieve your goals
    and more!

Now here’s the thing I’m most excited about: The HUB is now accessible to all! There’s a free Community level that provides access to a limited feature set, and there’s also HUB Pro, which includes all of the features I’ve told you about. There’s even an “Advanced” version of HUB Pro that includes even more CRM functionality!

Check out all your options and create your account today!