“Focus on what you love to do.”

The YourWayHome team shares how they do the heavy lifting and let Realtors do what they do best

Realtors get into this business because they love helping people buy and sell homes. But often, that’s not enough to achieve the success they desire.

“The skills that make you really great at helping your clients through this transaction don’t really bring any clients in the door — which is step number one for any real estate agent,” said YourWayHome founder Andrew Batson. Which is why he designed YourWayHome to do the heavy lifting for his agents.

“Our in-house marketing department will provide some incredible marketing they can run to strengthen their sphere business. And of course, we spend a ton of money generating leads for the agents, guaranteeing at least 30 per month.”

Realtor Kate Rome knew she could take on more work and wanted to partner with a brokerage that could help her grow.

“I’m a hard worker and a go-getter, and I knew I could handle more business than I was doing,” she said. But she didn’t want to have to focus all her energy on marketing and filling her pipeline. “YourWayHome offered me that. There was leadership that encouraged growth and new ideas, and it fits both my philosophy of self and my way of doing business.”

Coming from a boutique brokerage where everybody knew everybody, Kate experienced a surprisingly smooth transition to YourWayHome. And the difference in what the brokerage would provide for her was immediately apparent.

“My previous brokerage was not lead generating,” she explained. “I needed a brokerage that would help me improve my business with more concrete measures. YourWayHome offered a way for me to continue the business I had built while pushing it even further with valuable tools and fresh ideas.”

And that’s the differentiation that Batson credits with the brokerage’s growth. The business is designed to take pipeline-building activities off the agent’s plate, letting them focus on what really matters: delivering excellent service to clients.

“We give them a chance to simplify and focus on what they love doing,” he said. “We’re not asking them to be telemarketers, software developers, social media influencers, or door to door salespeople. Just focus on being trusted real estate advisors and we’ll handle the rest.”

Those leads that Kate Rome was looking for aren’t being sold to multiple agents. YourWayHome Marketing Director Trenton Bodin explained why that matters.

“I work really closely with our agents and our development team to leverage technology in a way that has measurable results,” he said. “Sometimes companies deploy tech just for the sake of saying they have something new. I’m literally watching leads pour in from our website, sometimes dozens per hour, and I’m having individual conversations with our agents about the quality of those leads and how we can increase conversion.”

As an experienced Realtor, Eric Morris was closing up to thirty homes a year. He joined the YourWayHome team to expand that with digital lead generation. “I got a great lead from out of state right away.”

Morris also embraced the brokerage’s focus on the new home market. “YourWayHome has helped me to partner with the builders and become an authority on the new homes that are out there.”

For Batson, he loves seeing phenomenal agents that truly love helping people. “They can negotiate contracts with the best of them,” he said. “They know the local schools, they can explain taxing districts, and they actually review title commitments. They’re trusted advisors.”

But he’s seen these same agents struggle.

“There’s just so much noise in this industry. Everyone wants to sell you some sort of plan, coach, product or tool. They’re paralyzed because it is overwhelming.”

That’s why YourWayHome assembles systems and the processes so that agents can concentrate on doing what they love. They don’t have to build a website or decide what CRM they need or learn how to run Facebook campaigns. They just have to be Realtors.

“Between our software, ISA team, and marketing department we handle all of the lead generation and nurturing so our agents can spend their time connecting with buyers and sellers.”

YourWayHome is a national expansion team with Fathom Realty serving both new homes as well as resale buyers and sellers. Learn more about how the team provides agents with exclusive new home sales territories and over 30 company-generated leads each month. Visit careers.yourwayhome.com.