Can your brokerage be tech-savvy or customer-centric? The answer is both.

How the right platform can help your agents win hearts and minds

Real estate continues to see new models try to disrupt the industry’s more traditional framework. From “technology-first” brokerages to the iBuyer movement, movers and shakers dominate the news feeds. But, nearly halfway through the year, a glaring message is rising above all others: to prevail, you must win the consumer and technology races.

Now, the majority of real estate professionals will be quick to point out that real estate has always been about providing white glove service to customers, and technology “disruptors” are old news. Here’s the other argument: it’s evident that a change in strategy happens when there is room to do so. What worked in the past no longer applies in this new age of savvy, technology-forward customers.

The consumer race doesn’t stop once the transaction closes

We preach that today’s customer journey should be cyclical and personal — meaning you create authentic touch points along the way to grow lifelong clients.

Let’s not forget that at a recent Inman Connect in San Francisco, a consumer panel pointed out that 83% of agents become irrelevant after keys have been exchanged. This is a major dilemma that can no longer be ignored. Big players are touting their in-house technology to bridge this gap (and in doing so are catching the attention of agents), while independent brokerages are being left in the dust wondering what to do. The need for these brokerages to embrace the usage of a real estate platform, like Propertybase, has never been more prevalent.

These systems supply brokerages and their agents with a portfolio of tools and integrations that not only draw customers in but modernize relationship engagement:

  • Lead generation across social media and/or search engines to build agent pipeline
  • IDX and MLS-integrated websites specifically designed for real estate with best-practice SEO, UX and content elements that bring a brand to life and captures the attention of users
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features to nurture contacts with personalized drip campaigns, SMS/texting, email, and marketing centers
  • Transaction management and back office components that streamline the closing process for brokers, agents and, most importantly, clients

Forget the days of trying to connect multiple systems that don’t talk to each other.

Platform technology lets brokers and agents get back to what they do best

When a brokerage upgrades to a cloud platform, they eliminate the challenge of staying up-to-date with the latest trends. A tech partner, such as Propertybase, provides continuous innovation by regularly releasing updates that deliver the latest industry best-practices gleaned from thousands of users and customers.

Plus, for independent brokerages looking to better serve their agents, providing them with the proper platform — one they’ll actually use — gives them an edge when it comes to the proverbial “tech curve.” At Propertybase, we’ve found this leads to better agent recruitment and retainment.

It’s time for many in the industry to realize that the development of tech-minded companies is the direct result of striving to improve customer experiences. Strategically aligning with a platform allows brokers and agents to focus less on tech and more on the clients they serve — prevailing in an ever-changing industry.

The Propertybase Real Estate Platform is the trusted technology partner of over 200,000 users and 2,000 leading real estate franchises, brokerages and teams who aim to showcase their brand and drive more business through extraordinary digital experiences, collaboration, and automation. The Propertybase portfolio simplifies the business of real estate with IDX and MLS-integrated websites, real estate CRM, lead generation, transaction management, back office tools and much more. Contact Propertybase to learn how to gain an edge.