Brokers: are you too focused on the small details?

Real estate is full of details both big and small. The key is to find the tech that truly connects them.

“If you just focus on the smallest details, you never get the big picture right.” – Leroy Hood

It’s rare for someone running a real estate brokerage to intentionally focus on the small details and overlook their big-picture goals. But real estate is fraught with tiny details that demand constant attention, and where a big picture defines a business, the little things can destroy it.

Technology is supposed to help brokers and agents manage the little things so they can focus on the important stuff — helping clients, closing deals, planning, strategizing, and making business moves.

Instead, so many of today’s tools eschew the bigger picture and highlight the little details. And you need half a dozen or more of them, all meticulously designed for one component of real estate, to make any progress in your overall workflow.

With that kind of tech stack, how do you even know what the big picture is anymore?

It’s time to stop focusing on tools that hinder your transactions

Real estate doesn’t need new tools. It has enough of them already — and they rarely impact business in a positive way. What real estate needs is to connect the tools that matter most.

And what matters more the transaction itself? That’s why real estate brokerages exist — to facilitate deals between buyers and sellers. The transaction is the big picture.

The challenge is that a transaction is an incredibly complicated problem for technology to solve. It’s not a formulaic concept with predictable steps that repeat in sequence every time. It’s messy, busy, and confusing. It goes from the agent to the buyer to the agent to the seller and, well, you get the idea. And all along the way, it’s chock-full of little details that demand so much time and attention.

That’s why there hasn’t been a single tool that could do it all.

But an ecosystem can.

How an ecosystem helps you focus on the big picture

There is a lot that a technology ecosystem can do for your brokerage, but most importantly, it manages the little details so you can focus on the big picture. It connects the various components in your brokerage in a logical, useful way and empowers you and your agents to do the important stuff.

It starts with transaction management and the back office.

These two functions, together, are the foundation of every real estate transaction. Agents need the former to start and finish a deal with the client. The brokerage needs the latter for everything afterward: holding trust, calculating commissions, recouping expenses, and most importantly, ensuring everyone is paid accurately and on time.

For transactions to be done better, these two components need to connect and work together. They need to share everything that comes with a transaction — the details, the people, the documents — and adapt to changes at a moment’s notice.

That’s what an ecosystem does. It connects transaction management and back office and takes care of the small details, so agents and the brokerage can focus on the big picture. And then, it can grow to encompass all the other components — like websites, CRM, title, trust/escrow, ancillary services — that make for a better client and agent experience.

That’s exactly what our technology ecosystem does

We connect transaction management and the back office through a one-of-a-kind integration, Lone Wolf Link, so all the little things — MLS feeds, signatures, commission plans, AP/AR — are established, functional, and happening without you needing to worry about them.

You can attract agents because you have a system that helps them close faster and complete more deals. You can attract clients with the experience that comes hand-in-hand with leading technology. And you can position yourself as an innovator, a market leader, a broker with their eye on the prize.

Isn’t that better than focusing on the smallest details?

Lone Wolf is the provider of real estate’s leading technology ecosystem. Its foundation of fully-connected transaction management and back office is built on a one-of-a-kind integration, Lone Wolf Link. Through its own core functionality and partnerships with other technology leaders and innovators, the Lone Wolf ecosystem provides agents and brokerages with everything they need to serve their buyers and sellers and define the real estate experience for the next generation. Click here to learn more about Link and the Lone Wolf ecosystem.