Homegenius creates products and services that connect and transform the world of real estate. We empower agents and brokerages with nextlevel data science and tech, while eliminating busy work from your day. With our sophisticated, simple, and transformative solutions, you can bring more value to clients than ever before.

GeniuspricePro from homegenius Real Estate is a powerful property intelligence and productivity tool that uses a powerful algorithm and nextgen AI to fully automate and replace your antiquated CMA process. It’s the first ever intelligent pricing engine to use homegeniusIQ, an AI and photo analysis technology to inform a property’s value. With proprietary algorithms that establish an initial property value estimate and comparables, image recognition AI that scans property photos to determine condition, and home price indices that determine median value and appreciation market by market, geniuspricePro saves agents 30 45 minutes each time they do a home valuation estimate. It also allows agents to use their own local market expertise to create a personalized and interactive home value estimate to share with their clients.

With the time savings on each report, agents can dedicate more time to outreach and client retention. Agents are using geniuspricePro to monetize their sphere of influence and create lifelong clients by providing valuable, personalized insights.

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