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There has been an excited buzz in the air, and it’s not just the sound of more unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) taking flight. It’s the buzz of anticipation surrounding the potential technological advances, business efficiency and capabilities that will come from the recently published Small UAS rules (Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations).

Jul 1

It’s only after the getaway car has driven away that the broker realizes he or she inadvertently helped the thief put the money in the car. But this is preventable; here are five signs your new lead on a cash buyer might be too good to be true and might, potentially, be plotting a heist.

Jul 9

To apply a classic adage to an emerging issue, it’s time we evaluate whether marketing services agreements (MSAs) are a wolf in sheep’s clothing within the real estate industry. While many real estate businesses such as title companies, mortgage companies and real estate brokerage companies have created MSAs in recent years, do you really know whether yours is “safe”?

Dec 12
Don't let your MSA become a target for regulators
Dec 12