Profile of an Inman Contributor

Updated June 6, 2016

Whether you’ve lived in your town your entire life or are a recent but avid transplant, one thing is certain — you love the area where you do business.

And another thing is also assured — you love real estate.

Inman is the real estate industry’s leading source for news, insight, intelligence, advice and opinions provided by full-time journalists in collaboration with hundreds of contributors representing every aspect of the industry.

Now, Inman is extending its coverage to include local markets. Our launch markets include:

  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • New York
  • Washington, D.C.
  • San Francisco

… and we’re aggressively expanding into more in the coming months.

Real estate is local, and we need local experts to offer the best insight about what’s really happening in your market!

Here’s how to get started …

Send your contact information and a sample of your best writing to

Who can contribute?

Anyone with a passion for real estate can become an Inman contributor. Agents, brokers, association and MLS executives and leadership, technology developers, thought leaders, title or mortgage company professionals, marketers and other service providers are invited and encouraged to contribute.

How often can I contribute?

Most of our contributors write one or two articles a month. Write more frequently if you want to increase your visibility and build your personal brand.

What should I write about?

  • Inman’s goal is to help real estate professionals succeed with business intelligence that impacts their business in a positive way. Articles that help agents, brokers and busy real estate professionals get and stay ahead is what people read every day. Your writing should answer the question “How does this make a real estate professional more successful?”
  • Topics that matter to you, your clients, colleagues, competitors, vendors, real estate industry leaders and policy-makers.
  • A specific niche within the local real estate industry (luxury properties, for example).
  • A valuable insight no one else can offer.
  • The pros and cons about a local industry practice or policy, government action or anything else controversial.
  • A new process, practice or technology that helped grow your business.
  • Quirks that only agents in your city/state will understand.
  • Profiles of yourself or others in your industry. We’re looking for independent brokers, tech power users, executives and start-up founders, social media all-stars, office managers and software/hardware engineers and developers to participate in our profile series.
  • Gorgeous or unusual listings — with plenty of photos.
  • Local sales data, trends, studies and other noteworthy findings.

Remember: If you haven’t read about it, write about it …

These ideas will get you started. Email if you have ideas for articles you would like to contribute.

Tips for writers

  • Articles should be 400-600 words (although they can be longer, if the subject merits it).
  • Start with a headline and follow with an outline.
  • Limit your introduction; get to the point.
  • Offering advice? Provide 3-5 (but no more than 10) action items or takeaways.
  • Anecdotes help provide color and make your article unique.
  • Use simple, direct prose and active verbs.
  • Use Associated Press (AP) style. Strunk and White’s “The Elements of Style” also is an excellent resource for any writer.

No commercials for you or your company, please.

Every writer can benefit from several editors. We’ll provide at least one, but your writing will be even better if you ask a colleague to review your article and ensure the points you make are clear before you submit it.

How do I submit an article?

Inman publishes using the WordPress (WP) system. Before you submit an article for publication, contact us at to be added to the system.

Do I need to provide images?

We appreciate original photography but do not accept copyrighted material. If you have an idea about how to illustrate your article, talk to us!

What happens after I submit my article?

Our editors will review it for content and determine where it fits with our upcoming editorial calendar. Often we will ask you to make some edits, such as elaborating on aspects of the piece we think readers will find interesting. When the article is ready for publication, you’ll be notified so that you’ll know when to visit Inman and see your byline!

Do you edit my article?

All submissions to Inman are reviewed by our editorial team for compliance with Associated Press style guidelines and publishing policies. Inman reserves the right to edit all article headlines and other content to ensure that contributed articles are read by as many of our community members as possible.

Do you publish archival content?

Submissions to Inman should be recent, and preferably written or recorded specifically for publication in Inman.

That said, if you have previously published content that seems particularly well suited for the Inman audience, we would be happy to review it. Send us a link!

Will my article run on the national site, too?

Depends on the story. If it’s hyperlocal, then it might not make much sense for our national audience anyway. If the lessons are universal, we’ll definitely consider it! Our editor reviews every submission to decide what goes where.

Do I get a Select membership?

We offer contributors a free Select membership after they have published three articles with us — or just one Select article. If that’s you, let us know; we’ll verify and then send you your pass.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Contact with any questions about contributing to Inman. We’re here to help!