3daybid Spams Social Networks

Creative Commons License photo credit: Paul Garland

3daybid.com is a site that advertises auctions of foreclosed homes.

It’s also a company that’s really starting to annoy me p*ss me off.

They’ve flooded the Inman News group on Facebook using what are obviously forged user accounts and some sort of script to spam dozens of these auction properties onto the wall.

I’ve reported the company to Facebook a number of times, as this is surely a violation of the social networks terms of service. But I’m about to throw my hands up in the air in defeat – this is a battle that I’m clearly losing. I can’t spend all day deleting these spam posts.

3daybid – I’m not sure what you thought you’d accomplish by doing this but if you’re listening, please stop.

This is not the right way to engage with an online community. If you thought it was a clever way to market properties, you’re wrong. It’s a perfect example of how you are tarnishing your brand, if you care – which I suspect you do not.