New Real Estate Navigator Wanted

If you follow the online social news phenomenon Digg, you’ll recall there was quite a stir recently when revived portal relaunched itself as a virtual clone of the popular site. Netscape boss, Weblogs Inc. CEO and TWIT alumni Jason Calacanis even offered to pay to the top users on other sites $1000 a month to post new stories on Netscape, an offer that incited Digg founder (and BusinessWeek cover boy) Kevin Rose to melt down during a broadcast of his weekly podcast Digg Nation. Since then, much has been written back and forth on the ethics and merits of paying bookmarkers.

In any case, as Jason recently posted on his blog, the experiment has proved to be a success and he’s now looking for new Navigators – including someone to take over the Real Estate channel.

Think you’ve got what it takes? You can apply by sending an email to CK (at)

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