Real Estate Video Shoot Out

Real estate video is definitely a big trend this year. Producing and directing a great real estate video is a subject best covered in a another post – but if you already have a video you want to show, the big question is where to host it?

I’ve suggested a few options in the past (see Video Hosting Alternatives to Youtube) but I thought, instead of writing about them, I’d show you instead.

WellcomeMatPros: High quality video, multiple players available for embedding
Cons: Slightly longer encoding process


Promo for FOREM

Pros: WYSIWYG HTML editor for descriptions, Creative Commons licenses for videos, integrated advertising with revenue share

BrightcoveMSN Soapbox
Video: Future of Real Estate Marketing

Pros: Integrated with Hotmail/MSN account – no new signup needed
Cons: Slow upload

JumpcutCons: Slow upload

Future Of Real Estate MarketingThe best home videos are here

Cons: Slightly laborious sign up process

VimeoPros: Fast, easy to signup
Cons: Slow conversion

Online Videos by


Pros: Video available quickly, can embed ads in video
Cons: Must use FLV (Flash) file, no encoding, no upload

Real Estate Video Shoot Out Also-rans


Cons: Didn’t work! Got hung up on upload. The King is dead! Long live the King!


Cons: Video needs to be approved before being published


Cons: Doesn’t support Firefox

The video clip used in these example was produced by Dave Herring of Florida DV – if you’re a Realtor in Florida and you’re looking for a great videographer to shoot your listings; give him a call at (727)686-3638, email him at gulfshooter [at] or visit him on the Web at