Renters Arm Themselves With Info

A couple of rental-related sites to check out today.


Rentometer is a fun site. If you’re a renter, punch in your address and how much you’re currently paying and the site cranks out a GMaps mashup of rentals in your neighborhood – plus a fancy animated barometer of where you stand in comparison to what your neighbors’ are paying.

I imagine this site could work well for prospective landlords trying to gauge the local market as well. You can even check out the Top 10 Highest Rental Rates by city or Zip. I really like the simplicity of this site – the design is very well executed. By the folks at

map_logo_text_up.jpg has been around for a while, but today they’ve released a new version of their site that allows you to conduct deeper searches based on variables like income distribution, age distribution. One big plus, their new site should make it even easier for out-of-towners to start researching where they want to live. Seeing as I just moved to a new city fairly recently, this kind of feature definitely appeals to me.

Marry these two tools together and you have a pretty powerful 1-2 combination for would-be or existing renters trying to scope out the best deals out there.