Slydial: very cool real estate tech tips No. 1 (1 of 10)

Smartphone app is a time saver, keeps you connected, and is a great alternative to text messaging or email

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This post was originally published by Jimmy Chickey on Active Rain.

10 very cool real estate tech tips in 10 days

Technology can be a great help in your real estate career. However, just because it is the new “flashy” thing doesn’t mean that it will actually make you more productive.

I can say from experience that many tools end up just getting in the way and actually can slow you down. With that in mind, here is the first of 10 tech tips that have proven to be a great help with my real estate business.

Tech tip No. 1: slydial app for your smartphone.

Slydial is a great FREE app for your smartphone that allows you to leave a voice message on any cellphone in the United States without it actually ringing the recipient’s phone! How crazy is that?

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Do you have that client that you need to call to give them a quick update, but you know they will want to talk for 30 minutes? Slydial allows you to leave a message on their phone without ringing their phone. They get the update and you get to move on with your day.

I have also found it useful within the action plans of my database. If I want to keep in touch with a client and just say hello but have 30 contacts to reach in an hour, then I use slydial. With slydial, you can quickly and easily leave 30 messages early in the morning and you don’t have to worry about waking them up with a ring tone.

As it says on their website, “slydial is a time saver, keeps you connected, and is a great alternative to text messaging or email.”

The best part about the app is that it is FREE. What real estate agent doesn’t love free? As you can tell, I am a big fan.

Next up, tech tip No. 2: unlocking lockboxes with your phone.