Study: 74 percent of Realtors do not justify their commission

I hire you to sell my home, now what?

The University of Central Florida’s Department of Psychology, in collaboration with the team from Merge, collected hundreds of responses focused on the topic of consumer satisfaction regarding the commissions Realtors charge to sell a home (see study).

Also pointed out in the findings below, the frequency of communication and organizational systems used by Realtors to communicate with their home sellers, once the listing agreement has been signed.


Merge was built to more efficiently and effectively communicate the work you are doing for your clients.

After reading through this eye opening data, and also having had countless conversations with agents and brokers about this issue of transparency after the listing is won, I am sold that a solution is needed.

Good for Merge for trying to tackle such a big problem in our industry. They’ve built a well-designed interface and have a focus on usability, both from the agent and consumer perspective. Their website is also really slick and explains their service as well as pricing model in depth.

In real estate it seems communication, not content, just may be king.

UCF Resarch Study