Is 'Glasshole' behavior inevitable?

Rumor has it that Google Glass, the search giant’s much-anticipated and sometimes maligned wearable tech experiment, is set to be released widely sometime this year. In anticipation of the tech’s debut, Google published a nine-point set of recommendations for how to best use Glass and prevent “Glasshole” behavior.

Those recs, which include suggestions that wearers use the eyewear for distinct purposes and not “be creepy,” don’t solve the inherent discomfort that Glass, by its nature as a recording device, elicits in public, and Google can’t explain that away, writes James Robinson on Pando Daily. “There’s a true lack of self-awareness that glosses over the friction between privacy and people walking round with concealed cameras over their eyes,” he wrote.

Glass may have a life in real estate. Trulia announced last year that it is developing an app for the device, and one agent who prototyped the eyewear last year found it to be “awesome” and potentially useful as a tool to conduct remote walk-throughs for clients.

Source: Pando Daily