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Introducing ‘The MLS Bill of Rights’

CTMLS promotes statewide access to real estate data

A broker-controlled statewide MLS in Connecticut has released "The MLS Bill of Rights," a document that denounces MLS boundaries as barriers to business and calls for MLS participants to have access to all property listings in the state or states where they are licensed. "The public has the right to expect that their Realtor can provide every active listing of every MLS participant in the state where they are licensed," according to the document, which was unveiled at the Real Estate Connect conference in New York City last week and publicly announced this week. "Boundaries between MLSs are a barrier to public knowledge and constitute an inaccurate and misleading picture of the real estate market," the document also states. According to a Wednesday announcement by the Connecticut Statewide Multiple Listing Service, which began operations in February 2007 (see Inman News), The MLS Bill of Rights is intended to establish and protect "the gui...