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Book Review: 'Killing Sacred Cows ...'

Myth-busting is not a brand-new concept. Neither is paradigm-shifting. But Garrett Gunderson’s "Killing Sacred Cows: Overcoming the Financial Myths That Are Destroying Your Prosperity" is a novel take on paradigm-shifting dressed as myth-busting, relative to its brethren on the personal finance bookstore shelves. "Killing Sacred Cows" is a mindset-expanding vehicle for Gunderson’s mission to shatter the foundations of what he sees as counterproductive financial belief systems and replace them with squishy, New Age-y, but potentially powerful, new perspectives.

The book’s format — and message — is super-simple: Each chapter houses Gunderson’s attack-and-rethink on an old-school financial doctrine, like: "Financial Security Means Steady Paychecks and Benefits"; "Money is Power"; "High Risks = High Returns"; and "Avoid Debt Like the Plague."