Security door an easy home upgrade

Installation tips for an accurate fit
Published on Sep 11, 2009

If you're looking for greater protection for your doors than you can get from deadbolts and other locks, a steel security door may be the perfect solution. Security doors are added to the door frame on the exterior side of any standard exterior doors, similar to adding a standard screen door or storm door. They feature the strength of an all-welded steel framework and cross-bracing, along with an open steel mesh that allows for ventilation while being infinitely stronger than the aluminum or fiberglass mesh in a standard screen door. Welded steel plates allow for the installation of a deadbolt lock, creating a door that's virtually impervious to kicking, prying, lock-picking and other forms of attempted illegal entry. They're especially well-suited for vacation homes or other homes that may be vacant for extended periods of time. Now if you're picturing your house looking like the entrance to a bank vault, don't. The doors are surprisingly attractive, with a low-profile f...