Build wealth the Trump way

Book Review: 'Trump University Real Estate 101'

Whether or not you’re an aficionado of the get-rich-quick genre, you can’t deny that the name Trump signifies smart, strategic and profitable real estate investments. Today’s reality TV audience might primarily identify Trump as the possessor of an extremely swoopy comb-over or the frequent-bellower of "You’re Fired!" But every time I’m tempted to give Trump less real estate street cred, which is always threatened with overshadowing by his reputation as the serial ex-husband or Rosie O’Donnell’s staunchest foe, I remind myself of his initial real estate deal: buying the defunct Commodore Hotel for $10 million and rehabbing it into the Grand Hyatt, eventually selling his 50 percent share for $140 million (after securing $111 million in tax savings by way of a 40-year abatement he negotiated with New York City).

Note, though, that Trump didn’t actually write this book.