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Tom Glassanos is one creative techie. He also happens to have a touch of the Midas, so it wouldn't hurt to bet alongside him. In the mid-1990s, the high-tech entrepreneur created one of the earliest Internet banking application businesses, which he eventually sold to PeopleSoft Inc. Glassanos may have been unemployed, but his inventive mind was still at work. In 2000, he launched a new company to automate business payments for big organizations including what he says was the largest settlement network for global businesses. In 2007, JPMorgan Chase snapped up that enterprise and Glassanos was out of work once again. When I ran into Glassanos earlier this year, he had recently joined a Pleasanton, Calif., start-up called SmartZip. His new titles were president and chief executive. "I kicked around for a couple of years after the JPMorgan Chase deal looking for a new business," he told me. "I was more interested in something that had more of a business-to-consume...