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Power to the mortgage shoppers

Google, Mortech team with lenders to provide instant rate quotes

Most high-technology companies are generally found near California cities or in a few other tech-centric outposts such as Seattle (mostly to service the Microsoft juggernaut) or Northern Virginia (generally telecommunications). Mortech Inc., a mortgage technology company, hails from the relatively tiny technology node of Lincoln, Neb. Sure, the University of Nebraska is based in Lincoln, but one of the main reasons Mortech is located there is because Don Kracl, the company's founder, grew up about 70 miles away. And, oh yes, he is a graduate from The Big Red. While not well known, Mortech boasts more than 20 years in the mortgage technology business and is a leading software supplier, most of which involves the transfer and exchange of information and data on the business side of creating a mortgage product.Basically, Mortech supplies all-in-one pricing, rate notification, rich prospect management tools, and loan product eligibility and guidelines services to lenders and l...