Home maintenance is a 2-way street

Tenant faces damages for unreported leak, flood

Q: I had a tenant that called me to let me know that I had water dripping from the ceiling and that my wood floors had "something wrong with them." I sent over my brother-in-law, who is a contractor, and it turns out that there was no roof leak but my tenant had been using the faucet in the kitchen and it had become loose.

Then the pipe underneath the sink got a split in it and leaked under the cabinet and was flooding the kitchen and adjacent dining area. The water has severely warped the wood floors.

My tenant says that she was sick all week and never saw the leak. My brother-in-law tells me that the wood floors are so damaged that clearly the water had been leaking for months. It is his opinion that she should have not been using the kitchen faucet, as the source of water was obvious to anyone using the faucet. Plus, the split pipe was visible by just opening the cabinet and looking underneath the sink. Please let me know who is liable.