6 tips for international SEO and marketing

Keywords can't be translated from one language to another

Imagine a wealthy Russian entrepreneur sitting down with her expensive laptop. She is looking to buy a vacation home in Florida. Which search engine does she start with? If you answered "Google," "Yahoo" or "Bing," you're wrong. In Russia, the number one search engine is not one of the American leaders. It is Yandex, which is as Russian as Stolichnaya Vodka. Yandex operates in other countries, too. It is so popular that it has more users -- not just in Russia, but around the world -- than Microsoft's Bing search engine. That's embarrassing for the tech giant from Redmond. The situation in China is similar. A search engine called Baidu dominates web search. There, the word "Google" hardly even registers a flicker of recognition with most web users. This pattern is repeated in many other countries around the globe. Naver is number one for search in South Korea. Seznam leads in the Czech Republic. If you intend to market property or services to overseas buyers, you must inc...