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I gleaned these insights from a recent conversation with Rick Phillips, an expert in developer marketing. Rick said, from the beginning, the Chinese-American demographic has been significant for builders. But, just in the past few years, it has grown due to immigration and has been supplemented by overseas Chinese buyers.

Oct 1

China’s government is rolling out a new policy that could deliver a conservatively estimated $109 billion to US real estate markets, both commercial and residential. Here are three tips that will help you market to that audience.

Jul 6

My co-CEO Simon Henry was on CNBC Asia in April talking about the countries where Chinese buy the most expensive homes. Looking at his list, I noticed that the US was not on it. Why not? It’s because the US is a destination for buyers at every price range. The countries with the most expensive average price for Chinese buyers tend to attract only premium customers.

May 13

Peggy Fong Chen is a California real estate agent who sold 80 homes last year, mostly to Chinese buyers, who mostly paid cash. Chen’s current listings range in value from about $500,000 to $7.1 million.

Apr 5
Tips to capture this fast-growing affluent buyer segment
Mar 13
A little bit of knowledge goes a long way with foreign investors
Jan 5

Brent Raymond is riding the wave of history. As executive director of Vermont’s EB-5 “investor visa” hub, Raymond’s job is to persuade Chinese immigrant investors that Vermont is the best place in the United States for them to underwrite job-creating projects.

Jan 5

Targeting international buyers is a strategic decision. Like all good investments, it costs something. You have to put in a grubstake of a certain amount of time, effort and money.

Sep 11