Buyers are driving cameras through homes on the other side of the world

Luxury real estate developer using robot-like Beam Pro to sell high-end properties

New technology is taking virtual tours a step further by letting buyers drive cameras mounted on remote-controlled vehicles through distant homes, venturing from room to room, peeking around corners and taking in near-360-degree views from multiple vantage points.San Francisco-based luxury real estate developer JMA Ventures LLC is using a system developed by Suitable Technologies Inc. to let homebuyers roam through its properties and communicate with sales agents in real time from anywhere in the world.The Beam Pro stands over 5 feet tall and can travel over 2 miles per hour.Key to the experience is Suitable Technologies' robot-like Beam Pro. The remote-controlled vehicle, which stands over 5 feet tall, transmits a video feed of homebuyers' faces onto a 17-inch screen and broadcasts their voices through six speakers arrayed on both Beam's front and back.Buyers, in turn, see their surroundings through Beam's wide-angle camera as they use a computer keyboard to guide i...