Real estate agents using apps, wearable tech to stay safe

A look at the latest in 'smart jewelry' and other devices to protect you and your possessions

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Take a deep real estate technology dive, Aug 7, 2017

TLC-Headshot-2013-14-891x1024 By TARA L. CHRISTIANSON

With the recent, horrible, kidnapping and death of Realtor Beverly Carter in Arkansas after showing a vacant home to an unknown person, personal safety is first and foremost on people’s minds today.

As it should be. Every day.

Unfortunately, it can take events like these to take a hard look at how we and our brokerage (and/or our company) handle issues like personal safety for real estate agents. With most agents now carrying mobile devices of some nature and new technologies being released all the time, there are a number of materials, devices, companies and apps out there for you to choose from when deciding how to protect oneself.

Here are a few that we’ve uncovered:

Office-wide safety

When discussing safety devices and avenues to pursue, you can look at it as an individual investment or on a broader scale.


Guardly is a company that is all about safety. It has all kinds of safety solutions for businesses, organizations and individuals. One of the most popular offerings for individuals is the Guardly Safety App. Available for every smart device (yes, even BlackBerrys and Windows phones), the Guardly app offers automatic connection with emergency services, real-time notification to designated people, real-time location tracking and an emergency beacon. Although download is free, a monthly subscription for most of Guardly’s features is $1.99, with a one-year subscription of $19.99.

Secure Show

Secure_Show_LogoSecure Show recently made its debut at Real Estate Connect San Francisco. Secure Show can be used by offices or  individuals. Basically, you start by purchasing a verification, either singularly or in packs. Whoever you wanted to verify is then sent a verification link, their cellphone number is confirmed, and the prospect is walked through a process where they scan and upload their driver’s license, passport or state ID. Secure Show verifies that the photo matches the identification, while a third-party company checks the ID against other databases.

Note: This is not a criminal background check. Normal turnaround time is estimated to be 30 minutes or less, so you’ll have to plan ahead. Once the prospect’s identity is verified and your identity is verified, you both receive notifications with photos of each other and a special identifying code (to match).

Realtor Safety materials from NAR

Technically, today is the last day of Realtor Safety Month, but really every month should be Realtor Safety Month. The National Association of Realtors has put together a collection of materials, including suggested office safety forms and tips from other organizations for Realtor safety.

Wearable safety

The hot new thing in technology is wearable technology. You may have already seen people walking around with smart watches from several different companies. (Most, if not all, smart watches have 911-calling capability plus geolocation.) Now that’s being extended to other devices crafted specifically for your safety.


Cuff jewelryCuff isn’t just a cuff, it’s a small device that fits into several cuff versions, and also a necklace. Billed as “smart jewelry,” Cuff has a benign features, like phone notification and activity tracking. However, Cuff also has a built-in safety feature that, when pressed, sends out a message to designated friends and family with your location, as well as audio that the device picks up. Cuff is available for preorder right now, with expected delivery in March 2015.

First Sign

First Sign actually has a collection of products meant for personal safety. They have a mobile app, to be released in October 2014, which helps alert friends and family if you don’t “check in” with the app within a certain time. The app is also meant to work with a number of First Sign products, including a pod that, with extra monitoring charges of around $5 a month, has the ability to detect trauma — if it’s worn in a headband, it can alert to possible head trauma; if worn around the wrist, trauma suffered from a fall. From their site, it appears that they’re looking to partner with other companies to extend the uses of their First Sign pod.


Stiletto_wearable_safety Stiletto is the newest of the three discussed here. In fact, the crowdsourced fundraising just began Sept. 21! Stiletto is meant to look just like any piece of jewelry. However, the device has a number of features, beyond its looks, that make it attractive: built-in microphone, the ability to “speak” to 911 when you can’t, enhanced indoor location technology, route planning, multiple alert systems, and more. If funded, estimated delivery is March 2015.