Newlyweds face roadblock in keeping tidy home

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Newlyweds George and Martha decided to start their marriage in a brand-new house. It was wonderful, of course. They had spent hours discussing what they wanted with their cleverest of architects, and he in turn delivered the best kitchen ever and the best floor plan ever, all with a view that takes your breath away. Life in this jewel box promised to be problem-free. But soon the bloom on the rose began to fade, as Martha and George realized that they have a personality clash that no house could mask. She is messy and he is neat and all too often they are at each other's throats. How could what has become the defining difference between Martha and George have escaped notice during their long courtship? Like most couples today who spend days, weeks and even months in each other's apartment before deciding to marry, George and Martha knew each other well. But much of their courtship was conducted on the other person's turf where irritating habits can be politely or blithely ignored....