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Housing earns solid ‘B’ on real estate report card

Guest perspective: Economy on stable ground amid resurgence in adjustable mortgages

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The goal of our U.S. Building Market Intelligence newsletter is to help building executives understand the outlook for the U.S. housing market. We find that newspaper headlines are often misleading and cause, at best, confusion in the executive suite. While reporters play a vital role in our country, acting as a watchdog to make sure businesspeople, politicians and others aren't pulling the wool over consumers' eyes, we think they go too far when they put the negative spin on positive news. Last week's employment figures, which were generally positive but received negative headlines because the growth was "less than expected," are just the latest example of misinformation. The U.S. housing market is on stable ground, with job growth returning, mortgage rates near historical lows, and outstanding demographics. When conditions change, we will tell you. Here is our current report card on the economy and the housing market. Economic Growth:   C The economy continues to improve ...