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Survival of the tech fittest: Watch Josh Team at ICSF
Keller Williams is gearing up take on disruptive real estate tech
Aug 18
Everything has changed and nothing is different
If you market your unique self, you won't have any competition
Aug 17
Gary Gold: Who would buy a $100M house?
The short answer is the person who can’t afford a $200 million house
Aug 14
Sh*t real estate professionals say
Have you uttered any of these common phrases?
Aug 14
Inman announces 2017 Innovator Award winners
The boldest tech companies and professionals in the real estate industry
Aug 10
Wall Street merger creates single-family rental beast
Combined company valued at about $11 billion with 82,000 homes under its umbrella
Aug 10
Too much of a good thing hurts your business
If you're overdoing it -- stop
Aug 7
Partners Trust reportedly crafting deal with Pacific Union
Company officials would not comment on the deal
Aug 4