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These dynamic leaders won’t hold back on what’s happening in the industry right now
Nov 13
Take this one-question survey to share your top objection handler for buyers who want to hold off for a better deal. Results come out next Tuesday
Nov 13
Asking to see the other agent's math and emphasizing an ethical obligation to disagree can be effective ways to counter this common objection. (Stay tuned for a new survey question Wednesday!)
Nov 12
Blast from the past: Analyst Mike DelPrete explains the seismic shifts shaking up the residential real estate market onstage at ICLV
Nov 12
Connect Flashback: How one agent sustains 100% referral business
Nov 11
The real estate industry threw some curveballs. Take Inman's real estate news quiz to demonstrate how strong your talking points and cocktail banter are this week
Nov 8
Blast from the past: Seen and heard at Inman Connect 2017
Nov 7
Farrah Brittany and Alex Goldschmidt, two real estate social media mavens, discuss leveraging your personal profile to build your business at Luxury Connect
Nov 6