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‘Best of luck, Homestore’

Guest perspective: Why one broker hates Realtor.com's MSN deal

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I have a real problem with the new Realtor.com and MSN arrangement. Here's why: First, Homestore did not ask brokers' permission to do this. In my state it is illegal to post a broker's content to a third-party Web site without that broker's permission. It has agreed to do just that. Given its past relationship with many brokers, this was a risky move. Second, Homestore is practicing unfair pricing here in my market and others. Every broker here gets a different deal based upon whatever the Homestore sales representative feels like offering. I have this documented. Our largest broker recently received a special banner and link deal for all listings for $1,000 a year, down from the original quote of $250,000-plus. As a smaller broker, I was denied that deal. Third, LendingTree having ads and banners at the MSN Web site makes this relationship for content a really bad thing. More and more Americans are using LendingTree.com. As more and more people shop at MSN for homes as a result...