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Real estate under ‘do-not-call’ attack

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Don't call me, really! Real estate companies are leading the pack in prosecuted violations of federal and state do-not-call laws, which are intended to protect telephone owners from unwanted commercial solicitations. A federal agency issued its first citation to a home loan company that allegedly violated the federal no-call rule. California's attorney general has sued a mortgage broker and a home improvement company for allegedly making illegal telemarketing calls. Business interests fought a hard battle against do-not-call laws, but they lost and enforcement has begun. It's now time for real estate companies to respect the fact that millions of consumers have spoken: "Don't call me," they said, "I mean it!" –Marcie Geffner A wouldda, a couldda, a shouldda and $2.50 buys you a latte Well there you go, compare an investment in Homestore in the last year with the S&P, Nasdaq and Dow and HOMS comes up a big winner. How does a 500 percent return for Homestore sound versus a ...