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Mother Teresa trumps Rush Limbaugh

Ethicist recommends compassion for poor, homeless

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Dear Real Estate Ethicist, My son and I were walking downtown recently, and a crippled homeless lady asked for a handout. We passed her, got into our car and my son asked why we hadn't helped her. I started to give my philosophy on the homeless, which is generally closer to Rush Limbaugh's than Mother Teresa. He looked totally confused and disappointed with his Dad. –Confused Dad Dear Confused Dad, Shame on you. Is it really more important to you that your son embrace your right-wing ideology, or might it be better that he had some compassion for those who have less than you? Your choice, but my bet is that the world will be safer for him later if you have some compassion for the poor now. –Real Estate Ethicist Got a question for the Ethicist? Send it to *** Send a Letter to the Editor for publication.Send a comment or news tip to our newsroom. Please include the headline of the story. ...