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Livin’ the real estate ‘high life’

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Two boats, three fast cars and one home In a white-collar crime case in Philadelphia involving some Blue Cross executives, the prosecutor accused the perpetrators of "living the high life," which meant "taking luxury vacations; buying fast cars, boats and real estate." These are the things lottery winners often say they are going to buy, as well. The conclusion is that these things will bring happiness, why then commit a crime to get them or slap down a dollar every week on the miserable odds of trying to win the lottery? So why, according to the World Values Survey by the UK's Scientist Magazine, does Nigeria have the highest percentage of happy people followed by Mexico, Venezuela, El Salvador and Puerto Rico – all poor countries? The same study shows that happiness levels have remained virtually the same in industrialized countries since World War II, although incomes have risen considerably. The researchers say that the "paths to happiness" are: Genetic propensity to...