How do I deal with undisclosed defects?

'Plunge a clogged drain and get on with the real business of life'

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Dear Barry, Our kitchen sink is plugged, and this is only one of several problems missed by our home inspector. When he checked the sink during the inspection, he ran the water for about two seconds, whereas it takes about 10 to 20 seconds for the water to back up. He also didn't tell us that the basement lights don't work or that the hot- and cold-water connections are backwards in the master shower. Was our home inspector negligent, and shouldn't the sellers have disclosed these problems? – Scott Dear Scott, Your question typifies numerous situations communicated to me by home buyers. Disclosure disappointments range in variety from plumbing to roofing, electrical to drainage, foundations to fireplaces, from everything possible to anything imaginable. The essential concern, however, is always the same: "I relied upon the expertise of a home inspector and the honesty of a seller, but now I find undisclosed problems and don't know what to do." In your case, fortunately, the ...