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Politicians promise more money for housing

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The Iowa caucuses are over and voters in that state have handed the momentum in the race for the Democrat nominee for U.S. President to U.S. Sens. John Kerry and John Edwards. The focus has been on the war in Iraq, taxes, Medicare, the economy and job creation. But where do the candidates stand on housing? The National Low-Income Housing Coalition surveyed the candidates' Web sites to ascertain their views and record their campaign promises on affordable housing issues. The advocates found six of the nine candidates' Web sites contained some sort affordable housing statement. The Web site of Democratic candidate Sen. John Kerry, declared the winner in Iowa, stated that the National Housing Trust Fund Act he introduced in the Senate would increase home ownership among Hispanics and African-Americans by spurring "the construction of new, affordable rental units for low income families." Kerry also pledged to "improve home ownership and to build safe, affordable housing in Indian Coun...