Don’t leave your towel rack hanging

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Q: I am living with my elderly parents and making some repairs. One of the bathrooms has a towel rack that is hanging on by one screw; the other screw has created a largish hole in the wall. Having tried various larger screws that spread out inside the wall without success, I am afraid I'll have to replace a piece of the wall. Can you offer me any other alternative? Could you please explain the process for replacing a small area of Sheetrock to give the old screw a new and sturdy home? –Hilarie (Woodside, Calif.) A: The bad news is that there isn't a simple fix for your problem. The good news is that replacing a small piece of drywall is not that difficult. It seems that the screws attaching the towel rack to the wall were not driven into the framing, only into the drywall. After years of use they were bound to come loose. The solution is to provide a solid backing for the screws. Here's how: Cut a 6-inch-square piece of drywall from the damaged part of the wall. Make...