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L.A. real estate appreciates at light speed

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Housing still red hot Anyone who thinks the housing market is cooling off, might want to consider the recent sale of a house on my block in West Los Angeles. The tract was built out in 1941, and probably half of the houses have been extensively remodeled sometime in the last 60 years. Not true of this particular house. It's 900 square feet, two bedrooms and one bathroom that's still Pepto-Bismol pink. Okay, so it needs some work. No problem. But this house also has an incurable defect. A multiple-story condominium building is under construction on the corner and next-to-the-corner lots. This house is situated on the third lot next to the construction site. List price: $450,000. Assessed value: $53,386 (yep, $53,386). Sold in two days for $455,000. –Marcie Geffner Mold is a four-letter word Dozens of home-building products have sprung up that promise to protect a home's materials from growing mold. But many builders still seem a little skeptical about whether they work. ...