Pricey lodging festers with unsanitary conditions

Must Motel 6 owner pay guests $191,000 for bedbug bites?

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Burl and Desiree, brother and sister, stayed overnight at the 191-room Motel 6 in downtown Chicago (now a Red Roof Inn but with the same owner). When they awoke in the morning, they both had severe bites from bedbugs. They claim that allowing guests to be attacked by bedbugs in a motel that charges more than $100 a night for a room was "willful and wanton conduct," which makes the motel owner liable for compensatory damages plus punitive damages. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Not receiving a satisfactory response from the Motel 6 owners for their inconvenience and many bites, Burl and Desiree sued the hotel owners for compensatory and punitive damages. The defendant owners of the Motel 6 replied that, at most, they are liable for negligence, but not punitive damages. Evidence presented at the trial showed EcoLab, an extermination service hired by the motel, discovered bedbugs in many rooms and recommended the firm be hired to spray every room at a total cost of $500 to the...